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"Is That SOO?" with The Nocturnal Therapist

The Nocturnal Therapist

This is a safe space to present questions and have a casual dialogue about life. I am not your expert. Only you can be that. Here, we share our triumphs and challenges together as we embrace all of our humanness. To past mistakes we say "Is That SOO?" To foolery on the job we say, "Is That SOO?" To taking ourselves so seriously all of the damn time, we say, "Is That SOO?"Keep it real. Keep it respectful. And if anything is said that unintentionally causes minor irritation, do yourself a favor and "Is That SOO?" that situation in the name of peace and equanimity. Copyright 2021 @ School of Outliers, LLC. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction of this content in any form will result in immediate action against the person concerned. Adult Language and Content may, or may not, be used in videos on this channel and/or other platforms. Please Read Disclaimer Info: https://www.becomeanoutlier.com/terms Disclaimer: No statement on this website/livestreams/podcasts/any other presentation of intellectual property is intended to imply that any person should seek services or treatment or used in place of treatment recommended by an accredited health care provider. Any questions you may have concerning topics addressed in this website should be directed to your healthcare professional.